Our experiences

Our company was established in 2013 and since then we focus on what we really enjoy and what is our passion.

Wide portfolio

We provide high-quality, first-class services in the field of robotics and industrial automation, development and turn key manufacturing of special machines for our clients across the EU.

Expertise and reliability

We are specialists in what we do.

Our services and products improve product quality, manufacturing process, reduce cycle time and costs.

Our services

We are professionals in what we do

Machines for your production

We have extensive experience in developing machines according to your requirements:

  • assembly stations for manual assembly
  • automated and robotized assembly machines
  • screwing, riveting, gluing, painting, handling robotical applications
  • sensor control, camera control
  • ultrasonic and heat stake welding machines
  • bonding with adhesive tapes and punching visual holes
  • single-purpose turnkey machines

All devices are designed and implemented according to valid safety regulations

Programming of robots and PLC

We provide programming and paint process adjustment services

Robot programming:

  • offline and online robot programming
  • ABB, FANUC, KUKA, DÜRR, Mitsubishi Electric and Universal Robots
  • ABB RobotStudio, FANUC ROBOGUIDE, Siemens Process Simulate-Process Designer and DÜRR 3D OnSite
  • robotical handling, riveting, screwing, welding and adhesive process

PLC and HMI programming:

  • experience with Siemens Simatic Manager-TIA Portal, Mitsubishi Electric and Allen Bradley PLC systems
  • programming of complex robotic cells and special equipment


Paint process engineering

We provide programming services Robot programming:

  • knowledge of robotic coating processes and application parameter setting
  • application of handling, riveting, screwing, welding and adhesive application
  • offline and online programming and trajectory preparation
  • experience with ABB, FANUC, KUKA, DÜRR, Mitsubishi Electric and Universal Robots robots
  • experience with ABB RobotStudio, Process Simulate, Siemens Process Designer and DÜRR 3D OnSite

PLC and HMI systems programming:

  • Experience with Siemens Simatic, Mitsubishi Electric and Allen Bradley PLC systems
  • programming of complex robotic cells and machines as well as special equipment

Trainings and consultancy

We will help you train your staff:

  • programming of industrial Robots
  • offline programming
  • PLC programming
  • courses for technicians, maintenance and programmers
  • Project management courses for the implementation of complex technical projects
  • courses for the operation of robotic paint shops as well as Process engineers of paint shops

Industry 4.0

We wiwll help manufacturing companies implement Industry 4.0

1. Analysis of the current state of your production

2. Proposal of measures to streamline your production

3. Preparation of quotation with a project cost return within 3 years.

4. We will implement the whole project for you.

5. You will benefit from this and improve your financial results.


About us

We are more than just another traditional company

Several years of experience

Our company has been in the business since 2013. Since our beginnings we have been doing what we like.

Broad portfolio

Therefore, we offer first-class quality services in the field of industrial robotics, PLC programming, and project implementation for our clients in both the Slovak Republic and EU

Expertise and reliability

We are experts in the field of industrial robot programming. Our services enhance product quality and production process, reducing cycle time and expenses.

Our Partners

Selection of our partners

They said about us

words from our clients

Pavol Guldan
Pavol Guldan
Project manager | Wood PLC
Cooperation with company Acumatix during project Darwin (installation of technology in JLR Nitra Slovakia) was great experience. Their engineers help us to reach requested delivery dates in requested time with excellent quality.
Peter Kuric
Peter Kuric
Owner | Woodservice (furniture company)
We have consulted possibilities of our technological development and integration of automation in our production with company Acumatix. Thanks to their analyzes we have implemented LEAN production processes and decrease production cost. As well investment to our improvement was lower than expected. I will certainly require their support with future challenges.


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